Taste Test

We would like to thank Tracye from Rich’s for spending the morning at Caroline High School demonstrating a recipe using their new dough product. The students were given the opportunity to try out the product and they  raved about how good the strudel samples tasted.

Request for Bid

March 29, 2017


Request for Bid

The Caroline County Public School Nutrition Department is seeking bids for the 2017-18 school year in the following five (5) categories: primary food vendor, fresh produce, supplies, paper goods/disposables and dairy.

A bid package is available for each category. Qualified parties may pick up a package in person at the School Board Office or you may contact the Food Service Office to request an electronic version.

Please be observant of all proposal instructions and specifications. Should any questions arise concerning this Bid contact the Food Service Office at 804-633-6732. Bids will be accepted until noon on April 24, 2017.

Caroline County School Food Service reserves the right to accept or reject, in whole or part, any and all Bids and to waive informalities.

Mac and Cheese Bar

We recently tested the concept of a Mac and Cheese Bar at Caroline Middle School. This starts with a choice of original or queso macaroni and cheese, followed by a protein choice of pork taco, buffalo chicken or fajita chicken and a selection of condiments were also available to compliment the dish. The queso macaroni topped with buffalo chicken was a big hit with the students and staff!

Madison Elementary Open House

The renovations at Madison Elementary are nearing completion!  Parents and community members were invited to an Open House tour on Thursday, January 19th. Cafeteria manager, Dena Kappler and staff member Alexis Mosley were there to show of the kitchen renovations. They used this opportunity to host a  taste test a new line of pizzas. The pizza was well received by parents, students and  staff.