Digital Menu/Messaging System in our Cafeterias

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We are excited to expand our Digital Menu/Messaging System to Lewis & Clark Elementary School. We currently have this system in three of our six locations. We plan to have this system implemented in all locations by the start of the new school year.

This digital signage is an expansion of our partnership with Nutrislice. Nutrislice provides mobile app and web based access of our menus and nutritional information.


Ag Day 2018

We are excited to introduce Penelope. She is the new mascot for CCPS Nutrition Services Department. As part of our Ag Day celebration Penelope visited  schools to be introduced to students and staff.


Our department donated the book  “These Bees Count!” by Alison Formento to each school library. Several Agriculture students from Caroline High School visited our elementary schools to read this book to students.






National Nutrition Month


National Nutrition Month® is a nutrition education and information campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and celebrated annually in March . The campaign focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. This years theme for National Nutrition Month® encourages everyone to realize the numerous benefits healthy eating habits offer, but it also urges everyone to find ways to cut back on food waste. Learning how to manage food resources will help you “Go Further with Food”, while saving both nutrients and money.

For handouts and tipsheets click here to visit

Eat 22 Fruits and Vegetables in October

Logo graphic that says explore today, impact tomorrow. Pathways 2022.Caroline County Public School’s Strategic Plan, Pathways 2022, was rolled out this school year. The Strategic Plan includes a goal for school and community relationships which fosters the involvement of families in the education of their students.

CCPS launched  “October Outreach: Project 22″; an initiative designed to highlight ways the schools and community can work together. As a tie in to this initiative, we encouraged our students to eat 22 fruits and vegetables in October. We were excited by the level of participation; one location received over 200 responses.

For more information about Pathways 2022 and October Outreach: Project 22 visit the links listed below.

Pathways 2022, Strategic Plan

October Outreach: Project 22

Crunch Heard ‘Round the Commonwealth

Virginia Farm to School Week is October 2-6, 2017 which coincides with National Farm to School Month. This year, we are encouraged to “Make some Noise for Virginia Farm to School Programs” to recognize the importance of these programs in improving child nutrition, supporting local economies, and educating students about the origins of food.  Here in Caroline County we celebrate by featuring locally-procured foods on our menus, hosting contests,  inviting guest farmers to classrooms and cafeterias, and engaging in other related educational activities.

On October 4 at 10:00 a.m., schools were encouraged to show their support for Virginia Farm to School efforts by participating in the Crunch Heard ‘Round the Commonwealth, an event where all participants simultaneously take a bite out of a locally-grown apple.